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An excerpt from February:

11 February

Tamara: Yesterday was a long drive across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It is not any more interesting or diverse than North or South Dakota.


Big Cat: The litter box has become my friend; I hide in it most of the day. The trunk makes a good perch when I want to stare daggers at her for dragging me across the continent.

12 February

Tamara: Grace asked to see Big Cat but he wouldn’t come out from under the covers. She was disappointed. I told her kitties have different personalities, much like people. Some kitties are shy and like to hide. “Like you?” she asked, “I haven’t seen you before.”

Big Cat: A child came to see me. I refused an audience and made it look like she was lying to the child about there being a cat in the camper at all. I remained curled in my cozy bed under the blankets.

BC camper

15 February

Tamara: Last night was the coldest yet. I popped up on a logging road in the deep quiet of the winter woods.

Big Cat: WTF? My water bowl is frozen.

17 February

Tamara: I sat in a chocolate shop in Montreal this morning and wrote while I drank coffee and ate a croissant. It snowed and then rained so it was a perfect morning to hang out in a warm shop full of bakery smells.

Big Cat: I slept under the blankets while she went away for a few hours. She came back smelling of coffee. I didn’t even get catnip.

21 February

Tamara: Sister Carolyn and I had a lovely dinner in Hanover. Scallops, yum.

Big Cat: Cat food, again. At least I got some catnip today.

22 February

Tamara: Carolyn and I walked up through the forest along the ledges, looking for tracks and hoping for a bobcat.

Big Cat: There is a giant, four-legged animal moving in and out of the barn. It whinnies when anyone walks outside. I can’t take my eyes off of it; I twitch my tail. I am ready to pounce, if only it would come close enough.