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The papers are signed. The house is empty. The truck is full. Big Cat and I are finally ready for the road. Well, I’m ready for the road; he is not yet convinced.

Big Cat and I are moving into the camper and going walkabout (yes, I know we will be in the truck, but “driveabout” doesn’t have the same ring). After a little camper prep we will be living on the road for the foreseeable future.


camper down


I have a few destinations in mind – first to the East Coast to visit long lost friends and family. Then, back to the West. There is so much to see and explore; so much I haven’t discovered yet.

I plan to write and take photographs along the way. I hope you’ll join me whenever you can – both physically on the road if you have the inclination to spend a few days on Tamara Time (a little bit like Island Time on speed; it’s always an adventure) and virtually via the web.

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