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Please forgive the previous completely random post… I was playing with new software and inadvertently published it.

That said, I am working on some new, fun things that I hope to show you soon. Stay tuned! xoxo T


I crack myself up

Last month, I registered The Road not Taken Enough as a Limited Liability Corporation with the state of Oregon. I’m not altogether sure what I will do with this designation but, as usual, I’ll make it up as I go.

The application had a series of questions that I immediately forgot after answering. I was looking through the paperwork yesterday and found this:

I mean, why be “Owner” or “President” when you can be so much more. A field tech long ago and far away gave me this title. Apparently, I see no reason to change it.

World Jellyfish Day

World Jellyfish Day

3 November

Kiss a jellyfish!

Oh, and it’s my birthday. I couldn’t be prouder to have it coincide with such cool, gelatinous, invertebrates.

Jellyfish shots all around.

Love, hugs, and gratitude,

Yours Truly,




More better language, importanter beer


Beer is importanter


The misuse of “less” and “fewer” has long irked me.

The word “impactful” makes me gag. 

“Addicting” really wants to be “addictive.”

Despite my personal misgivings about these words, they are real. Misused, abused, and cringe-worthy as they may be, they are verifiable.

Last week, I heard “concepting.” I don’t even know where to begin with this. It pains me. It is more than just wrong.

Language must grow and change shapes to survive. Shifting words to new meanings is part of a living language. It doesn’t always make it sound more better, but it does keep it from becoming stagnant and dying.

Attempting to loosen the stodgy rules of language in my head, it seems that beer may be importanter than further education.