I took this photo: In Texas

Roadside sign for crosses. Welcome to Texas
Custom built crosses, all sizes

Custom Built Crosses. All Sizes. The Cross Guys.

If I lived in Texas I would be angry also.

I took this photo in Texas. I guess that’s all I have to say about that.

Three landscapes and a soaking shed

A wild winter ride to iconic Central Oregon hot springs offered these landscapes. The road to Summer Lake is a beautiful stretch of little-used highway along the western edge of the Great Basin. Sagebrush gives way to alkali lakes, winds rip across the open flat, and clouds create another dimension of life above the high desert.

Central Oregon, hot springs
An unsettled day in the high desert.
central Oregon, alkaline lake
Silver Lake, Oregon, snow from the west meets billowing clouds from the east.
central Oregon, hot springs
Snow seems to be falling from Summer Lake up to the clouds.
central Oregon, Silver Lake
Between the land and sky of Central Oregon lies Silver Lake.
central Oregon, hot springs
Summer Lake Hot Springs soaking shed