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Antarctica melting away

Yesterday, I flew from Portland, Oregon, to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I read about the melting of Antarctica as I looked down on the Nevada canyons and desert.

It was a surreal juxtaposition of time and place and global dilemma – adding to my carbon footprint while judging Man for our follies.

Antarctica may look like Nevada sooner than we think.

I took this photo: Morning clarity

Rearview is 20/20 morning clarity

Morning clarity in the rearview mirror.

The rain moved ahead of me. It passed through town and across the plateau before following the river west. The same route I was taking.

Summer rain in the sagebrush desert is something worth celebrating. It washes the dust out of the air. As the air warms again almost immediately, it smells of earth and water and life.

It is unmistakable. It breaks through the dust in my brain to remind me that time and space are ever fluid. That whatever may settle here now will wash away with the next downpour.

I took this photo as I entered the storm, the Columbia River bluffs and calm water behind me, foretelling the clarity that comes with the passing rain.

Christmas Valley Sand Dunes

Once again, Central Oregon does not disappoint.

There is a lifetime of exploration here.

Oregon, dunes

Rippling sand.

sand dunes, desert

Trees past.

moon rise, reflections, water

Dusk calm.