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I took this photo: The Knight in Wellies

Balvenie Castle knight

While children play, the Knight in Wellies stands watch.

There’s one in every class. You know the kid, the one who is always just on the fringe. Not quite fully accepted- and sometimes not fully interested in being accepted.

They keep to themselves. They have their own drummer. While other kids stick out their tongues and jostle each other, they stand guard in their knight’s helmet and Wellies.

I took this photo in Scotland’s Balvenie Castle adjacent to the Balvenie distillery. This is something one may imagine they have seen after a dram or two of good single malt whisky, but I was stone cold sober. And I did not attempt to fit in by donning a lampshade.


This morning I watched a little girl in yellow gum-boots, a pink skirt, and bright green rain jacket joyfully hop into and through every puddle on the road. It rained all night; the puddles are epic. She was gleeful.

Stomp,stomp, stomp. Splash, splash, splash.

Her arms were waving all around and she wore a big smile. The especially perfect puddle, the biggest, splashiest puddle, she doubled back to, running up the road past her mom and several lesser puddles, to jump into it again.

As adults we see puddles as obstacles. One more thing  to deal with, to work around, to manage. I resolve to see puddles, real and metaphorical, as things of joy. I still need to get through them but what fun can I have along the way?