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Hart Mountain – spring delights

For too many years Hart Mountain was out of my line of travel and added just enough extra time and miles to the trip at hand that I by-passed it. This spring I made the effort to go there, just there, and was well rewarded. It is a long slog from anywhere, the roads can be quagmires, the dust invasive, the heat crushing, and the mosquitoes draining. May it always remain this way.


butterfly flower

Swallowtail and balsamroot

sagebrush, thunderheads

Sky drama

raptor harrier

Looked down upon by a northern harrier

Subtle layers of color and texture

hills valleys

Sagebrush landscape

glowing yellow flowers bumblebee

Bumblebee with balsamroot

Notes from the camper

I wonder if snails ever get tired of hauling their homes around on their backs.

When hermit crabs move out of outgrown shells, do they feel elated?

I offloaded the camper yesterday for the first time since July. I suddenly feel exposed and, at the same time, delighted that I am free of my shell. The truck feels like a zippy sports car without the extra weight but I have to learn to use the rearview mirror again.

I’m settling in Bend, Oregon, for the winter. Stay tuned. I’ll be adding posts along the way. It’s always an adventure.




Sticks and stones


Sunrise in the town of Joshua Tree, complete with Airstream.


Sunrise in Joshua Tree National Park. Rock on.


Sticks and stones.


Hiding in the rocks.


Spectacular Joshua Tree.


Eternal rock.


Everything in the desert is spiky, pokey, and sharp.


Notes from the camper, Part 2

A bottle of designer ginger ale escaped from the refrigerator on a terrible, bumpy road. The twist off cap twisted off. In a normal place, the ginger ale-soaked carpet in the bottom of the camper would be pulled out and washed immediately. In a place that gets four meters (that is: 4 meters = 157.5 inches = 13 feet) of rain a year, this is a futile pursuit. Nothing dries. Ever.

Several days later: new place. Hosed down, washed off, scrubbed carpet hanging to dry. But,wait! There’s more. It’s raining.

And raining. And raining…

Carpet is overrated. Maybe I’ll go carpet-free until winter sets in.