A few more photos from the Delta

water lilies, Okavango Delta
Tall grasses or small elephant? Okavango Delta
Do hippos yawn when they are embarrassed? Okavango Delta
Sunset light in the papyrus. Okavango Delta
Clearly, a Road not Taken Enough. Okavango Delta

2 thoughts on “A few more photos from the Delta”

  1. Wonderful photos . Thank you TE ~ your visit will most likely be as close as I ever get ! Hippos yawn as a signal to their partner it’s time they were headed home (like many wild animals they enjoy dinner with friends but don’t like to drive in the dark).

    Happy trails,

    1. Thank you, Annie! Yes, driving in the dark when hippos are abroad is not advisable. Better to leave early than overstay your welcome. I hope you’re enjoying the ride! xoxo T

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